Latest News: 30 January 2004:The Stone Wiki is now active

There is a new area for all Stone players. Visit The Stone Wiki make your contribution.

Latest News: 26 June 2003:The Esoteria has been solved

At Wed 25/06/2003 00:18 UTC a full solution to the puzzle was sent in by Grissy. The team of grissy and GianMaster worked relentlessly to solve this. It seemed like they never slept. Congratulations to you both. They have their names digitally engraved on the medal which can be seen on the answer page. Now the rest of you all need to see it...

Latest News: 22 June 2003:The Esoteria, Browsers and encryption

The Esoteria uses strong encryption with new JavaScript code and there were a few reported problems as some Browsers do not support JavaScript well. These have been worked around and there should be no problems. However, to check, as test below has been added and should report that it has passed.

The test will now run. Your browser has If it has failed then please send in a report.

Latest News: 15 June 2003: Number of Puzzles available 293

13 puzzles posted. Check them out:
    13Y.Road Rage by GianMaster & erikthechemist
    13X.The Switch by Stonecarver
    13W.Spy In The Sky by GianMaster, Annavi & erikthechemist
    15Y.A Mouthful by brainwashed
    15X.Bad Taste by brainwashed
    15W.The Portal by Stonecarver
    14Z.The Morgue by brainwashed
    14Y.Party Time by brainwashed
    14X.Top Of The Bill by Stonecarver
    13Z.Hot Air by GianMaster, Annavi & erikthechemist
    16W.The Dreamer by Atom_Gold
    15Z.Of Gods and Monsters by CurlyMC
    11X.FVLGVR by sisterfly2

The Stone Unturned is closed to new puzzle submissions. The site is not shutting down. All the puzzles will still be here, but the spare time it takes to process new puzzles will be put into a major update. If you have any questions or concerns then please just ask.

Latest Medals:
13Y.Road Rage Gold fletch Silver calaban Bronze judit
13X.The Switch Gold fletch Silver calaban Bronze quail
13W.Spy In The Sky Gold grissy Silver calaban Bronze quail
15Y.A Mouthful Gold fletch Silver quail Bronze calaban
15X.Bad Taste Gold quail Silver AmenoGrey Bronze manxminx
15W.The Portal Gold MFBK12B Silver calaban Bronze KyraB
14Z.The Morgue Gold judit Silver fletch Bronze quail
14Y.Party Time Gold calaban Silver judit Bronze quail
14X.Top Of The Bill Gold Beauchy Silver quail Bronze KyraB
13Z.Hot Air Gold judit Silver fletch Bronze calaban
16W.The Dreamer Gold grissy Silver fletch Bronze calaban
15Z.Of Gods and Monsters Gold fletch Silver manxminx Bronze quail
11X.FVLGVR Gold quail Silver Bronze
12Y.Demotic Gold fletch Silver Haver28 Bronze hugabugs
14W.Power Gold Tilgyth Silver hugabugs Bronze Haver28
16Z.A Meeting of the Ways Gold annavi Silver Madcap Bronze calaban
16Y.A Little Wisdom Gold Madcap Silver Handbag Bronze quail
12Z.Initially Gold GianMaster Silver zytez Bronze quail